Poetry goes viral

Sally Barrett (ed) Mid Life Crisis – ‘Virus’ edition (Hoodwinked Mammal)

Sally Barrett as usual edits the latest edition in the Mid Life Crisis series. Never was a series more appropriately titled for its times. Here is the ‘virus edition’.

A great collection of poetry. Tom Jenks is our kind of structuralist, as is Sarah-Clare Conlon, with her fine useage of Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style.

There is also strong work from Tim Allen, Richard Barrett, John Calvert, Matt Dalby, Joe Darlington, Amy McCauley, Adrian Slatcher and Steven Waling.

It’s a post-Bob Cobbing world. It’s all real. And a bigger real than those people screaming on the grills of a million spam filters can tell us.

Get one from hoodwinked.mammal@gmail.com

– Steve Hanson

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